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Ductus Exemplo - Leadership by Example. Great leaders set the tempo for the team and then inspire them to accomplish the mission.  That is at the core of every decision, investment, and engagement we take on at Severn Partners. This is particularly true for businesses that are distressed, struggling to achieve results, going through difficult changes in ownership, and entering new...



Delivering proven leadership to businesses at every phase of their development.


Severn Partners, LLC works under the Operating Partner concept commonly found in Private Equity. We engage the company at the Board and Executive level.  This engagement is intense, clarifying, and always uncovers information that is critical to...

Contact Us

(443) 716-3134

Annapolis Office
Severn Partners

One Park Place, Suite 400
Annapolis, MD 21401



Our Disciplines

Litigation Finance


Mezzanine Debt Investment


Foreclosures & Formal Liquidation


Litigation Management & Preservation


Division & Product Rationalization

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