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About Us

Ductus Exemplo – Leadership by Example.  


Great leaders set the tempo for the team, and then inspire them to accomplish the mission. That is at the core of every decision, investment, and engagement we take on at Severn Partners. This is particularly true for businesses that are distressed, struggling to achieve results, going through difficult changes in ownership, and entering new markets. Only through a clear vision set by the leader can a business make its way through these opportunities and risks. This is where Severn Partners excels.


Severn Partners is a different kind of Private Equity partner.  We take an active role in our investments.  We seek to add value through hands on participation, direction, and at times – full control.  We believe that there is such a thing as “dumb money”, and we work hard to be more than just a financial partner.  The founders of Severn Partners are military trained leaders, proud of their national service, and we believe that gives us a competitive advantage. 

We are not consultants – we take a stake in your success and by extension make it our success. We work on site, invest in the team, and become personally engaged. It takes a remarkable amount of energy and time, but as we have found this is the only way to achieve results.



The only way to lead is from the front.

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