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Delivering proven leadership to businesses at every phase of their development.


Severn Partners, LLC works under the Operating Partner concept commonly found in Private Equity.  We engage the company at the Board and Executive level.  This engagement is intense, clarifying, and always uncovers information that is critical to making the right decisions.  Engagements involve time on site, valuations of existing management, and a review of the current processes.


We take the reconnaissance approach.  Review everything, look for items out of place and ask the right questions.   Armed with this information our next step is to provide clear and concise reporting.  Only with this reporting can a business make the correct decisions in a timely manner.  When necessary, we will seize control of a team and take a more hands on approach, directing the current management team or replacing them altogether. 


Leadership is a contact sport and you cannot do it remotely. 


Our Disciplines

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